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Futurengage is the right place to start your lottery game platform in the evolving decentralized lottery industry. We will develop a ready-to-go market blockchain lottery product putting our years of experience into play.

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Constructing the lottery system too transparent using blockchain

Explore the world where luck meets technology and assets reshaped by blockchain-powered lotteries. Traditional lotteries were more yawns than wins due to the non-transparent system. Here at Futurengage, we combine cutting-edge technology and lottery, ensuring fair gaming and quick payments.
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The Hidden Puzzle Lottery


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Match the winning number in the same order to share prizes. Current prizes up for grabs:
Match first 1 335 USDT ~$506
Match first 2 335 USDT ~$506
Match first 3 335 USDT ~$506
Match first 4 335 USDT ~$506
Match first 5 335 USDT ~$506
Match first 6 335 USDT ~$506

Match the winning number in the same order to share prizes. Current prizes up for grabs:
Match first 1 335 USDT ~$506

Match the winning number in the same order to share prizes. Current prizes up for grabs:
Match first 1 335 USDT ~$506


Cost (USDT)

3.33 USDT

0%Bulk discount


You Pay

3.33 USDT

"Buy Instantly" chooses random numbers, with no duplicates among your tickets. Prices are set before each round starts, equal to $5 at that time. Purchases are final.

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Seize these outstanding features with your lottery platform

When developing a blockchain lottery platform, you can put your trust in the programming code instead of a shady central authority. It enables transparency and other extra features. Futurengage gives you more than these usual features, such as given below.
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Blockchain expertise

As a long-term player in the blockchain industry, we have hands-on experience in developing decentralized blockchain lottery systems.

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Smart contract audit

At Futurengage, we provide regular smart contract audits to help the platform adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market & technology.

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Streamlined approach

We help to fine-tune the blockchain lottery platform to reduce excess costs using the finest development strategies and modules.

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Market analysis

With the help of our research team, we study the target market and design the client’s project with a high success rate.

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Mobile-first design

We develop the mobile-first structure to help you get an immersive blockchain lottery platform experience from any device.

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Customer-centric product

The platform we develop will help you onboard new customers while retaining the existing ones via loyalty reward programs.

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Seamless Integration

With our years of experience in the industry, we provide seamless integration of digital wallets, tools, APIs, and a user-friendly dashboard.

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Multi-chain Integration

We integrate multiple blockchains into the blockchain lottery platform to allow various chain users to participate in the lottery contest.

Pick the blockchain lottery service
you need us to help with

Your vision, our knowledge, your lottery! We ensure tailored blockchain innovation using upgraded development services, boosting your platform’s success. Pick the blockchain lottery service you need our team to aid you with!
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We develop tailored blockchain lotteries based on your project’s idea. Our blockchain experts will customize the lottery to reflect your brand’s essence.
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We ensure smooth integration of smart contracts into your blockchain lottery platform and conduct regular audits to keep the contracts secure & efficient.
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We create a decentralized blockchain lottery gaming platform with fairness, transparency, security, and automatic payments via smart contracts.
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Our 3-step approach to develop a blockchain lottery platform
Do you know? Korean 10-step skincare routine helps achieve glass skin. Similarly, our 3-step expert approach results in the creation of an excellent blockchain lottery platform. Here is our secret recipe.
Try Our Functioning Blockchain lottery platform
Don’t jump to blind conclusions! Try our fair game lottery platform’s working demo and experience how the lottery token can be bought, sold, and burnt, and how the price distribution will be. However, this is just a representative product, you can alter it based on your needs if required.
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Our lightning-speed blockchain lottery projects
In the upcoming digital lottery era, we have delivered some outperforming blockchain lottery projects, and here are our favorites. Zoom, Zoom, so that you won’t miss out on seeing some stunning lottery projects.
Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services & Us
Here are a few most frequently asked questions our clients repeatedly ask about our blockchain lottery platform development services.
A blockchain lottery platform is an online application that utilizes blockchain technology to perform transparent, decentralized, and tamper-proof lottery draws. If the blockchain has high scalability, it can handle as many users as possible at once.

Blockchain ensures transparency by recording all lottery-related transactions and draws on a decentralized public ledger, making the process easily verifiable for the participants. Ultimately, blockchain enhances security, fairness, and anonymity, making lotteries more reliable.

Smart contract development & deployment, custom UI/UX design, blockchain integration, encryption & other security implementations, and testing are the different services you get when developing your blockchain lottery platform.

The vital player ‘smart contracts’ automatically distribute the draw prizes to the winners' blockchain wallet addresses directly after the draw ends, ensuring an instant and transparent payout.

Yes! As a reputed blockchain service provider for almost half a decade, we ensure that your blockchain lottery platform is highly secure. We strictly adhere to security standards and incorporate encryption, decentralization, and smart contract validation mechanisms.

Of course, you can customize the rules and regulations of your blockchain lottery platform. Also, you can determine ticket prices, prize issuance, and other parameters to suit your specific conditions.

Your blockchain lottery platform will be ready to enter the market within 30 days. However, if you like to know the exact time estimation, talk to our experts and discuss your requirements. We will analyze the complexity and features of the platform and will give the details of completion and delivery.

Absolutely, regular maintenance is essential to guarantee high performance, smooth functioning, and security updates based on the changing needs of the users and advancements in blockchain technology.
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Talk to us today to start constructing your blockchain lottery platform, whether you are a startup, an entrepreneur, or a business owner, you are in good hands. Drop our expert team a message and let us set the gaming playground for you!

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